Heart on Your Sleeve: How to Accessorise for Dates

Whether you're a single gal who's exploring her options, in a relationship with a sweet boyfie, or a married woman keeping the spark alive, you would want to look gorg on your date nights. Aside from picking out the right outfit, you also need to choose the right accessories.

In the past year, we haven't been really out on dates that much as lockdown orders limited our movements. Going out feels different as we’re all holding our breath on how the next few days, weeks and months will unfold.

However, this does not mean that going out on dates should be less romantic. In fact, if there’s anything that we learned in the past 12 months, it’s the fact that love and romance are tougher than the toughest times -- pandemic and all -- and that we should seize all opportunities to celebrate it.

Can we get an Amen in here?

From a casual brunch to an intimate candle-lit dinner, we’ve got you covered with some tips to make sure that your accessories game is on fleek come when you go on dates.

Casual Brunch Date

brunch date accessories

For brunch dates, we imagine you would still want to wear a light dress, a button-down shirt or blouse and jeans or shorts and probably throw a light jacket over.

For accessories, we recommend keeping it light and fun to fit the time of the day.

  • - Go for stud earrings and pieces with feminine designs such as floral
  • - Since you will most probably be showing some skin in your chest area, you can wear thin-chained long necklaces
  • - For a more flirty and fun look, you can opt for tasselled or layered necklaces
  • - Blush PassionFresh and bubbly, we love the soft peach colour of this pair for a brunch out
  • - Wild Instincts: It’s tasselled yet light, flirty but day-time. We also love how the pink and red tassels fit the occasion.
  • - Ivy Elizabeth: A white-gold plated stunner embellished with cubic zirconia. It will go well with any dress, a button-down shirt, blouse or even a plain shirt or tank.
  • - Ballerina: As its name suggests, this neckpiece is flowy and soft with a quiet elegance. If you want to feel extra. Casual enough for a pub and dressy enough for a nice restaurant.

Sultry Sunset Cocktails

cocktail accessories

Dinner is the default time for a date, but there’s something extremely romantic about dusk when the sun falls below the horizon and the sky bursts into magnificent colours. It’s the perfect hour to get a light meal and of course, enjoy your favourite cocktails (or mocktails if you’re not really a drinker).

It’s time to add some glam to your bling ensemble if you’re going on a date at this hour. You probably still want to veer away from full-on glam (unless you really want to, then why not?) but you need to add some oomph.

  • - If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a sunset date on the beach, a pair of mixed-materials statement earrings will give you that tropical chick vibe. Pair them with a maxi dress with a light cardigan.
  • - For a cocktail date in a pub, a pair of sparkly studs will give you that night-time look without crossing over to full-on glamazon territory.
  • - This is the hour where you can add an extra piece to your outfit and a nice bangle or bracelet will complete your sunset date look.
  • - Looking for something edgier? A choker with subtle details is a great option.
  • - You can also go streamlined and do one statement piece like a chunky piece of necklace.

sunset cocktail accessories

  • - BonBon: A fun pair so you can, as Ricky Martin said, shake your bon-bon. Use it for a sunset date at the beach or if you just want to wear a unique piece.
  • - Estella: Nothing screams Valentine’s more than this pair of sparkly, cubis zirconia studded, heart-shaped earrings. Sparkly yet subtle, it’s the perfect frosting for a cocktail date.
  • - Mana: A choker featuring beautiful clean lines with solid plated gold bars and a solitaire diamontie. Perfect for a cocktail night at home or out in town.
  • - Tassel of Love: Genuine leather, chain tassels and beaded strands. It has movement, it has shine and it has spunk. It’s a bracelet full of love and full of fun.

Dazzling Dinner Date

dinner date accessories

Arguably the quintessential date. Whether it’s an intimate candlelight dinner, a night out in a fancy restaurant or a sumptuous home cooked meal, dinner dates are what most romantic stories are made of -- and they call for the glitziest bling as well.

  • - Wearing a little black dress? A nice pair of drop earrings will amp up the glam.
  • - Black vampy accessories are great options if you’re looking for pieces that are more contemporary.
  • - Layered bangles and bracelets are literally sparkly arm candies.
  • - Speaking of layering, stacking rings together will elevate your look to date-worthy glam.

dinner date jewellery

  • - Valentina: The sparkly cascading zircons provide an unbeatable glam. Even Cupid will fall in love with this pair.
  • - Entwined: A vampy piece of braided ropes and metal accents, this is a dinner date piece that is like a bold wine.
  • - Vintage Rose: Swoon-worthy rose gold pieces that can be stacked together for a multi-layered romantic look.
  • - Cluster of Elegance: A collection of beautifully crafted rings that you can mix and match to achieve the V-Day vibe you want.

 Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

And ladies, just a quick disclaimer…

You don’t have to be partnered to enjoy dressing up for a date. Whether you’re flying solo, celebrating with friends and family or spending it with bae, you can wear these pretty bling and celebrate love in all shapes, ways and forms.

Queen, going on dates are perfect opportunities when you can really step up your bling game. Love is indeed a many splendored thing -- why not wear accessories that will match love and romance and make you sparkle?